I See A Bridge Lyrics & Chords

By Charlie Louvin & Ira Louvin

Verse I see a bridge, a way to (Bm)cross all (A)trouble and (D)strife, (G)trouble and (D)strife (D)I'm not smart, I'm not strong many (G)deeds I called were (D)wrong And my heart is often (Bm)drear when troubles (A)appear But when the (D)night is dark and long oh how (G)peaceful is the (D)dawn I see a bridge, a way to (Bm)cross the river of (D)strife (G)river of (D)strife Chorus When the (G)valley I must cross is so (D)dark I lose my way When the (G)river is so wide my (E)courage (A)fails I see a (D)bridge straight and wide standing (G)o'er the raging (D)tide I see a bridge, a way to (Bm)cross all (A)trouble and (D)strife, (G)trouble and (D)strife spoken (G)As I journey through this life it's days and it's nights I (D)know I must cross dark and lonely (G)valleys For at times the path is so dim I can hardly find my way And (E)great rivers of (A)trials and tribulations Will cross the narrow (D)road that I feebly travel But I will feel no danger (G)for I'm never alone nor (D)forsaken With faith I shall look up and see a (Bm)bridge Yet there will (A)always (D)be a way provided (G)for my (D)escape

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