I Saw The Master This Morning Lyrics & Chords

By David Gillon and Sharon Higgins

(G)I saw the (D)Master this (G)morning As the sun was (D)beginning to (G)rise He was (C)sailing white clouds across (G)Heaven (A)Removing the shadows of (D)night (G)He bent down and (D)kissed all the (G)roses Left blushing like sweet little (C)girls I saw the Master this (G)morn-(E)ing    (G)As He woke to (D)wake up the (G)world Then gently He (D)touched all the (G)mountains And He gave all the (D)robins their (G)song (C)Warm morning breeze caught the (G)lyrics (A)Then the mountain brook took it (D)along (G)Then He whispered (D)over the (G)mountain And the pretty white lilies (C)unfurled I saw the Master this (G)morn-(E)ing    (G)As He came down to (D)wake up the (G)world Then a (C)bright ray of sun broke the (Dm)Heavens (D)Spilled across the valleys and (G)hills It (C)shown on the river like (Dm)diamonds (A)Danced on ripples and (D)rills (G)And I bowed in the (D)light of His (G)presence Then a sweet loving peace filled my (C)soul I saw the Master this (G)morn-(E)ing    As He came down to (D)wake up the (G)world

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