I Pray Lyrics & Chords

By Collingsworth Family

Verse 1 (C)When I wake up in the (F)morning I (G)pray When my (C)day gets to buys I pray (G) (C)When I'm drifting (A#)off to (C)sleep (F)I trust he's watching over (Fm)me (C)So in Jesus' (F)name (G)I (C)pray Chorus I (F)pray because he loves me I (Em)pray because (Am)He listens (Dm)Every moment of the (G)day (Am)From dear Lord to (G)amen The (F)conversation (Fm)never ends Because (C)He is my clo(G)sest friend, I (C)pray Verse 1 Although I have not seen Him I pray Though he knows what I'm thinking I pray Breathing out and breathing in It's so natural to talk to him Believing in faith I pray Chorus I pray because he loves me I pray because he listens Every moment of the day From dear Lord to amen The conversation never ends Because he is my closest friend, I pray Verse 1 Spending time together Helps me know Him better Words don't even matter Since he hears my heart

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