I Pledge Allegiance To The Lamb Lyrics & Chords

By Ray Boltz

(G)I have heard how Christians (C)long (G)ago
Were (Em)brought before a (Am)tyrant's (D)throne
They were (G)told that he would (C)spare their (G)lives
If (Em)they would renounce the (Am)name (D)of (G)Christ
But (Em)one by (C)one they (D)chose to (G)die
The (Em)Son of (C)God they would (D)not de(G)ny
Like a great angelic (C)choir (G)sings
I can (Em)almost hear their (Am)voi(D)ces (G)ring

(G)I pledge allegiance (C)to the (G)Lamb
With (Em)all my strength, with all I am
I will (G)seek to honor (C)His com(G)mands
I (G)pledge allegiance (Am)to (D)the (G)Lamb

Now the (G)years have come, and the (C)years have (G)gone
But the (Em)cause of Jesus (Am)still goes (D)on
Now our (G)time has come to count the (G)cost
To (Em)reject this world, to em(Am)brace (D)the (G)cross
And (Em)one by (C)one let us (D)live our lives
For the (Em)one who (C)died to give(D) us life
Till the trumpet sounds on the (C)final (G)day
Let us (Em)proudly stand and (Am)bold(D)ly(G)say

Chorus I pledge allegiance to the Lamb With all my strength, with all I am I will seek to honor His commands I pledge allegiance to the Lamb

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