I Like To Hear'em Preach It Lyrics & Chords

By Jimmy Martin & Paul Williams

(G)I was an unbeliever (C)I didn’t believe in (G)God I was always sinnin’ As (A)upon this earth I (D)trod Since (G)I found them sinners Now (C)I am not (G)alone Salvation is the only way (D)that you can get (G)home Chorus (G)I like to hear them preach it (C)I like to hear them (G)pray I like to hear them talk about (A)the good ole’ gospel w(D)ay They (G)read it from the Bible And (C)they all begin to (G)shout And I’m convinced that’s one thing (D)that we can’t live (G)without I’d sit way back in the church And I bowed my head And when they’d start to praying I’d do just as they did Well I never even closed my eyes I’d listen to their prayers And since that time I found out That God is everywhere

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