I Lay My Sins On Jesus Lyrics & Chords

By Horatius Bonar | Caleb Jernigan

Verse 1 (G)I lay my sins on Jesus, The spotless Lamb of (C)God; He bears them all and frees us From the accursed (Em)load. I bring my guilt to Jesus To wash my crimson (C)stains White in His blood most precious Till not a spot r(G)emains. Till not a spot r(C)emains. Verse 2 I lay my wants on Jesus, All fulness dwells in Him; He healeth my diseases, He doth my soul redeem. I lay my griefs on Jesus, My burdens and my cares; He from them all releases, He all my sorrows shares. He all my sorrows shares. Chorus O (G)Praise the precious (C)Lamb of God who (G)takes away my (D)sin. O (G)praise the One who (C)gives new life and (G)makes me whole (D)again Verse 3 I find my joy in Jesus the fountain of my soul I found my rest in Jesus He is my peace alone. I place my trust in Jesus and give Him all my praise I lift my hands to Jesus I love His holy name I love His holy name Bridge (G)Though my sin as scarlet (C)now as white as snow (Em)by the blood of Jesus For(C)ever I'm atoned.

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