I Keep Praying Lyrics & Chords

By The McKameys

Verse 1 (C)I'm in another valley, where I (F)cannot see the sun. My (C)eyes find no more tears to cry, and my (Dm)heart just feels (G)numb. The (C)longer this valley, the (F)darker it (Dm)feels, with shadows all (Am)around me, the (Dm)Spirit bids me (G)kneel. Chorus I keep (C)praying - when (F)life seems so un(C)fair. I keep praying - because I (Dm)know He answers (G)prayer. I keep (C)praying - when the (F)world around me (C)falls, I keep praying - for He (Dm)is my all in (G)all. The (Dm)only reason (Em)I can even (F)stand... is (C)I keep praying. Verse 2 I'm trusting in God's promise, my heart is steadfast, Lord. You said you'd never leave me, and I know you keep you Word. Strengthen me with power, according to your might, for endurance and patiece, as I travel through this night. Chorus I keep praying - when life seems so unfair. I keep praying - because I know He answers prayer. I keep praying - when the world around me falls, I keep praying - for He is my all in all. The only reason I can even stand... is I keep praying.

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