I Just Want To Thank You Lord Lyrics

By The Younce Brothers & Louie Blevins

Chorus And I just ant to thank You Lord, for letting me hear your word, what have I done to deserve such glory that's revealed to me? Thanks for that special night when I saw Your glorious light Came face to face with eternal life, Lord I thank You. Verse 1 You didn't have to open my eyes, You could have easily passed me by For the age I was living in was wretched poor and blind. Then I heard recognizing Your day; Serpent seed and perfect faith. The breach and message of Grace and Lord, I thank You. Verse 2 Not even in my wildest dreams, did I think I'd see such things, as the coming of the Lord, the rapture midst the reed I've heard but now I see, God in simplicity. The spoken word is the original seed and Lord we all thank Thee!

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