I Just Want To Please The Lord Lyrics & Chords

By Brian Free

Verse 1 (C)There are trophies to be won (F)Success is there to claim (G)And some would give their very soul (F)To reach earth's highest plan (C)But to count it gain would be my lost (F)If I lay down commitment's cross (G)So I lifted my eyes to things above (F)Serving with a heart of Love Chorus Cause (C)I just want to please the Lord (F)Be in His (G)will in every way (C)To be lost in His presence, (F)Found in His likeness (G)Hear him say: well done (C)some day Verse 2 My plans had all been made, Sins dye already cast The world was at my finger tips I had arrived, at last But the cry could not be pacified From a heart about to break inside Jesus showed Himself to me And He said just look what you could be Chorus Cause I just want to please the Lord Be in his will in every way To be lost in his presence, Found in his likeness Hear him say: well done some day So I will bring my offering Lay it at His feet All I was, all I am, all I ever want to be

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