I Held On (Till The Storm Was Over) Lyrics & Chords

By Ben Weeks

Verse 1 (G)You ask me how it is that I'm still (D)standing You (C)wonder how I made it through this (G)storm I can't boast of any special (D)powers There's no (Em)secret. I just held (C)on Chorus And I held (G)on til the storm was (D)over I don't (C)claim to be a hero and I (Em)don't have all the answers but I held (G)on 'til the storm was (D)over not (Em)because I'm good, not (D)because I'm great not (C)because I'm strong but I held (G)on Verse 2 I can tell that things are finally happenin' and I've got blessings I can call my own many times I wondered if I would make it While I was wondering I just kept holding on

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