I Heard My Savior Calling Me Lyrics & Chords

By Rhonda Vincent and Dorothy Johnson

(D)There was a great revival in our (G)little country (D)church People came from miles around to hear about God's (A)word (D)Anointed in the spirit you could (G)feel it in the (D)air My life was changed that night as I (A)bowed my head in (D)prayer Chorus (D)I heard my (G)Savior calling (D)me On that blessed night I fell down on my (A)knees Well I (D)raised my hands to Jesus (G)pure faith has set me (D)free Praise God I’ve seen the light my (A)Savior's calling (D)me I'm so thankful for a Savior that would make the sacrifice In a selfless loving gesture giving us eternal life It’s an offer for the taking listen with an open heart It's a choice that's up to you hear the Savior calling too

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