I Have This Hope Lyrics & Chords

By Tenth Avenue North

Verse 1 (C)As I walk this great unknown Questions come and (Am)questions go Was there (G)purpose for the pain Did I (F)cry these tears in (C)vain I don't wanna live in fear I wanna trust that You (Am)are near Trust Your (G)grace can be seen In both (F)triumph and trage(C)dy Chorus (C)I have this hope In the depth of (Am)my soul In the (G)flood or the fire You're (F)with me and You won't (C)let go Verse 2 But sometimes my faith feels thin Like the night will never end Will You catch every tear Or will You just leave me here Chorus I have this hope In the depth of my soul In the flood or the fire You're with me and You won't let go Bridge So (Am)whatever happens, I will (F)not be (G)afraid (Am)‘Cause You are closer than this (F)breath that I (G)take (Am)You calm the storm when I hear You (F)call my (G)name (Am)I still believe that one day (F)I'll see Your (G)face

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