I Have Never Lost The Wonder Of It All Lyrics

By Alfred B. Smith

Once so aimlessly I wandered 'round the tangled paths of sin. All about me seemed so hopless, Doubts and fears without, within. Then a voice so kind and gentle Spoke sweet peace unto my soul. Gone my days of sin and wand'ring, Since the Savior made me whole. Chorus I have never lost the wonder of it all. I have never lost the wonder of it all! Since the day that Jesus saved me And a whole new life He gave me, I have never lost the wonder of it all! Now my life is full of gladness, all my days are filled with joy. I no longer walk in sadness, happy songs my lips employ. For I've learned the wondrous secret only those in Christ can know. 'Tis the peace of sins forgiven Chords - Joy that makes my glad heart glow.

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