I Have Found The Way Lyrics & Chords

By Adgar M Pace and L.A. Green

(G)I have found the way that (C)leads to endless (G)day Yonder in the glory (D)land And the (G)road is bright for (C)Jesus is the (G)light And I'll hold His (D)guiding (G)hand Chorus (C)I have found the (G)way, I have found the glory way I have found the (D)way, I have found the gospel way (C)Glory (G)hallelujah I've (D)found the (G)way I will never fear while Jesus is so near I will bravely meet the foe Happy songs I'll sing in honor to the King And to glory onward go To the journey's end led by a faithful friend Never more in sin to roam By the way called straight, I'll reach the golden gate Of the soul's Eternal Home

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