I Am Praying For You (I Have A Savior) Lyrics & Chords

By Samuel O'Maley & Ira D. Sankey

(G)I have a Savior, He's (C)pleading in (G)glory, A dear, loving Savior though (A)earth friends be (D)few; And (G)now He is watching in (C)tenderness o'er (G)me; And (C)oh, that my (G)Sa(A)vior were (D)your Savior, (G)too. Chorus (G)For you I am praying, For you I am praying, For (C)you I am (G)praying, I'm (D)praying for (G)you. I have a Father; to me He has given A hope for eternity, blessèd and true; And soon He will call me to meet Him in heaven, But, oh, that He'd let me bring you with me, too! I have a robe; 'tis resplendent in whiteness, Awaiting in glory my wondering view; Oh, when I receive it all shining in brightness, Dear friend, could I see you receiving one, too! When Jesus has found you, tell others the story, That my loving Savior is your Savior, too; Then pray that your Savior may bring them to glory, And prayer will be answered—'twas answered for you! Speak of that Savior, that Father in heaven, that harp, crown, and robe which are waiting for you— That peace you possess, and that rest to be given, Still praying that Jesus may save them with you.

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