I Go To The Rock Lyrics & Chords

By Dottie Rambo

(G)Where can I turn when there's (Am)no one else I can (G)turn to? Who am I gonna (C)talk to when (G)nobody wants to listen? Who am I gonna (C)lean on when there's (G)no foundation (Em)stable? I go to the (A)Rock I know that's (D)able I go to the (G)Rock Chorus (G)I go to the (D)Rock of my salvation I go to the (C)Stone that the builders (G)rejected Run to the (Am)Mountain (G/B) and the (C)Mountain stands by (D)me The earth all (G)around me is sinking sand On Christ, the (B) solid Rock, I (Em)stand When I need a (C)shelter, when I need a (D)friend, I go to the (G)Rock Where can I hide 'til the storms have all passed over? Where am I gonna run to when those winds of sorrow threaten? Is there a refuge in those times of great tribulation? When my soul needs consolation I go to the Rock

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