I Give You Jesus Lyrics & Chords

By Janet Paschal

(A) If the ship of your life, Is tossing (G)on (A)the (Bb)sea of (Ebm)strife; and if You (A)need some(D)one. (E)And if you (Bm)feel so all (Bb)alone, And your (D)house is not a (E)home; You (D)need (A)someone. If it (E)seems life isn't fair, (G) (Ebm)And there's no one left to share; (A)All those (Bm)lonely days and nights, And (G)things just won't (Bb)turn out right; (A)And you need someone to (Bb)care, And (Bm)someone to just (E)be there; You (Dbm)really (G)need some(Bb)one. Chorus (A)I give you (D)Jesus, He's the (Bm)peace that (D)passes (E)all understanding; (Gb7) I give you (Bm)Jesus, (Gb7) (D)He's the perfect love that (E)casteth out (A)all fear; (G) (A)I give you (E)Je(D)sus, (Ebm)He's the water that you drink and (Dbm)never thirst again; (Gb7) I give (Dbm)you (D)Je(Bm)sus, (D)my friend, (E)I give you (Bb)Je-(E)-(Bb)sus, If the pressures all around, Keep your spirits to the ground; You need someone. And If your body is in pain, And your health you can't regain; You need someone. And If at times when you have tried, With all the strength you had inside; And it seems that you have failed, Remember on the cross He nailed All the bitterness and grief, To give you peace and sweet relief He is that someone that you need.

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