I Found A Lily In My Valley Lyrics & Chords

By Quinton Mills

(C)All alone and broken hearted, trying to (G)calm the raging (F)battle in my (C)mind In search of many answers, my (G)troubled (F)soul just couldn't seem to (C)find I (F)saw a flower blooming where there was no rain or (C)sunshine (Am) And I (C)knew not that this flower would (G)change the (F)rest of my (C)life Chorus (C)I found a lily in my (F)valley; I found strength when I was (C)worn I found the place to leave my (G)burdens; (F)I found refuge from the (C)storm At the place I prayed through (F)dark skies; came beaming rays of (C)sunshine (Am) I found a lily in my (G)valley (F)and He blooms (G)all the (C)time So if you're down and broken hearted and you just can't seem to find peace of mind You're searching for your answers but your problems are getting worse all the time Just reach your hands to Jesus; He'll take you in and break the ties that bind He'll be your lily in your valley and He'll (you can watch Him) bloom all the time. He'll be your lily in your valley; He'll be strength when you are worn He'll be the place you leave your burdens; He'll be your refuge from the storm At the place you've prayed through dark skies can come beaming rays of sunshine He'll be your lily in your valley and He'll bloom all the time

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