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I Find Jesus Lyrics & Chords

By Jimmy Ibbotson

(G)I walk in silence (C)when it (G)comes This feeling (C)when the spirit leads me (G)on If the dogs are barking and the (C)night is (G)rough I take it (A)as a sign to climb (D)above. The city to the (G)hill (C)among the (G)clouds Where I can (C)see my Savior (A)now He's waiting with His (D)palm to me out(G)stretched His mercy is a balm (D)when I'm per(G)plexed. Chorus (G)I find (D)Jesus in the darkest (G)night I find (C)Jesus in the morning (G)bright I find (D)Jesus in the face of (G)those Whose hearts are (D)singing with the Heavenly (G)Host. Sometimes when I feel all alone I look around and all are gone The friends that I rely upon Are busy doing what they want. I look within and I am told It's Sunday morning in my soul And there I find a holy hall Where congregations heed the call. And when I lay down my last time And feel a chill run up my spine And recognize my time has come I'll look around, He'll lead me home. He'll reach His loving hand to me And bid me climb to victory Where we'll find kindred spirits there Hearts raised in song without a care.

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