I Dreamed I Searched Heaven For You Lyrics & Chords

By James D. Vaughn &Mary Ethel Weiss

(G)I dreamed I had gone to that city That city where never comes night And I (C)saw the right angels in (G)Glory I saw their fair mansions of (D)light. (G)I gazed for long, long years of rapture On the face of my Savior so true And I (C)sang with the seraphim (G)holy Then I dreamed I (D)searched heaven for (G)you. I (C)dreamed I searched heaven for (G)you Searched vainly through heaven for (D)you Oh, (C)won't you prepare to (G)meet me up there Lest we should (D)search heaven for (G)you. I (G)looked on both sides of the river That flows through the city of God I (C)searched through bright mansions (G)celestial And streets of gold pavement Thy (D)trod. The (G)faces of saints by the millions I scanned in my yearning to see That (C)face I had cherished so (G)fondly The face that had (D)grown dear to (G)me.

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