I Could Still Go Free Lyrics & Chords

By The Hinsons

(G)Lock me (D)up in a (G)prison (C)Throw away the (G)key Take a(D)way the (G)vision From these (A)eyes that now can (D)see De(G)prive me (D)of the (G)food I eat You can even bind my (C)hands and feet But as long as (D)I have (G)Jesus(C) Then (G)I can (D)still go (G)free Chorus That (C)I could (F)still go (C)free (G)What kind of man, would reach down his hand And do this for (D)me? Un(C)worthy to live, and not fit to kill Then a (G)man on the cross, put me in His will And said that I could (D)still go (G)free(C)(D) Now I (G)never (D)could quite (G)understand Why a (C)king would want to leave His (G)throne To dawn the (D)robes of an (G)earthly man Feel the (A)pain of flesh and (D)bone And to (G)later(D) trod, trod a (G)lowly path That led to calva(C)ry Where the blood washed (D)stains Broke (G)all sins (C)chains So that(G) I could (D)still go (G)free.

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