I Could Sing of Your Love Forever Lyrics & Chords

By Martin Smith

(D)Over the mountains and the (Em)sea Your river runs with love for (G)me So I will open up my (A)heart And let the Healer set me (D)free I'm happy to be in the (Em)truth So I will daily lift my (G)hands For I will always sing of (A)When Your love came down Chorus I could sing (D)I could sing of Your (Em)love forever I will sing (G)I could sing of Your (A)love forever (D)I could sing of Your (Em)love forever (G)I could sing of Your (A)love forever Bridge (Em)And O I feel like (D)dancing (G)It's foolishness I (A)know (Em)But when the world has (D)seen the light They will (G)dance with joy Like we are (A)dancing now

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