I Can't Make It Lord Without You Lyrics & Chords

By the Isaacs

Verse 1 (D)I don't understand the reason for this (G)trial (D)Heavy burdens, this dark valley I walk (A)through (D)I can't comprehend right now what God is (G)doing (A)All I (D)know is I can't (G)make it (D)Lord with(A)out (D)you Chorus (G)All I (A)know (D)is I can't make it (Am)Lord with(D)out (G)you (D)I'll be honest I don't know what to (A)do (D)And perhaps its all a (Am)mystery (D)unfol(G)ding (A)All I (D)know is (G)I can't make (D)it Lord with(A)out you Verse 2 I will just pretend that I have all the answers For I'm weary and I need my strength in you But if you'll hold my hand right now that's all that matters All I know is I can't make it Lord without you

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