I Can Trust Jesus Lyrics

By The Collingsworth Family

Verse 1 (G)God picked up a (Em)sparrow that could no longer (C)fly He brushed off its (G)wings and then watched it (Em)soar into the (D)sky If He’s (G)mindful of cre(Em)ation, on this I can (C)depend I am His (G)child and I can place (Em)all my (D)trust in (G)Him Chorus (G)I can trust Jesus, I can trust (C)Jesus He never (G)once has failed to meet my (D)needs He is my (G)strong tower, the strength in my (C)weakest hour I can trust (G)Jesus, (D)He takes care of (G)me. Verse 2 I have prayed some prayers and felt they never were heard But I held to God’s hand and kept right on trusting in His word My wants and God’s desires don’t always agree But I lean on His will for He always knows what’s best for me.

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