I Can See (On Emmaus Road)Lyrics

Written by Gloria Gaither & David Meece

All at once He walked beside me Like He’d been there all along Not a stranger but a Father Who can sense when something’s wrong And He answered all my questions And He understood my fears That somehow vanished now that He was here Chorus Can’t you see who walks with you Can’t you hear who speaks your name Can’t you feel something stirring in your heart How His words ring strong and true Like a once familiar strain Can the paths we follow from now on be the same I couldn’t bear for Him to leave me So I begged Him please to stay Spend the evening, a few moments Before He went His way Then like a host He stood and blessed me Broke the bread and poured the wine Then I knew there was something there I recognized Chorus Yes, I can see who walks with me I can hear who speaks my name I can feel something stirring in my heart How His words ring strong and true Like a once familiar strain And I know I’ll never be the same I can see And from that moment in time I felt the emptiness subside And all the wonder of creation shining through And for that first time in my life I really looked into His eyes And saw eternity and suddenly I knew Yes, I can see

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