I Can Pray Lyrics & Chords

By The Dove Brothers

Verse 1 (C)You say I’m not able, I’m too (F)young or I’m too (C)old And I can’t sing or teach and no (F)title do I (C)hold Lord, what can I (Am)do? For I (F)want to do my (G)part And I (Em)want to help the hurting (F)with all of my (G)heart Chorus I can (C)pray until the walls come (Am)down Until there’s healing all (F)around That’s something I can (G)do I can (C)pray in my secret (Am)place Calling on your (F)name That’s something I can (G)do I can (C)pray Verse 2 My family shows no interest my child has gone so far Though I try my best to reach them their hearts just seem so hard Lord what can I do? to help bring them back to you For my family’s lost and dying and my words don’t get through Chorus I can pray until the walls come down Until there’s healing all around That’s something I can do I can pray in my secret place Calling on your name That’s something I can do I can pray

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