I Can Only Imagine Lyrics & Chords

By MerceMe

(D)I can only imagine what it would be like When I (G)walk, by your side I can only (D)imagine, What my eyes would see, When your (G)face, is before me I can only (D)imagine,(G) Chorus To be (G)surrounded by your glory What (A)will my heart feel Will I (D)dance for you Jesus Or In awe of you be still Will I (G)stand in your presence To my (A)knees will I fall Will I (D)sing hallelujah Will I be able to speak at all I can only (G)imagine, (A)I can only (D)imagine I can only (D)imagine, when that day comes And I (G)find myself standing in the Sun I can only (D)imagine,when all I will do Is for(G)ever, forever worship you I can only (D)imagine, (G)

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