I Can Live Forever Lyrics & Chords

By Tony Stampley, Johnny Christopher & Harvey Hoy Lindsey

(D)When you're born you (A)enter in To a world that's (D)filled with sin But when you die you (A)live again If you just (D)believe (D)And when this life on (A)earth is through We'll all be judged by w(D)hat we do And the trumpet of the (A)Lord shall sound But the grave can't hold me (D)down Chorus (D)'Cause I can live (G)forever when I go to (D)Heaven Lord I can talk to (A)Jesus, yes, I can see the (D)Lord And can't you just (G)imagine living in His (D)mansion? Walking through His (A)kingdom, the kingdom of the (D)Lord On the cross of Calvary Jesus died for you and me And if you just believe in Him You can live again my friend Chorus I can live forever when I go to Heaven Yes, I can talk to Jesus, I can see the Lord Now, can't you just imagine living in His mansion? And walking through His kingdom, the kingdom of the Lord Walking through His kingdom, the kingdom of the Lord I can live forever

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