I Bowed On My Knees And Cried Holy Lyrics & Chords

By Nettie Dudley Washington and E.M. Dudley Cantwell

(D)I dreamed I (G)went (D)city called (G)Glory And it was so (C)bright (D)and so (G)fair And when I (D)entered the gates I cried holy, (G)holy All the (A)angels, they met me (D)there And then they (G)carried me from (D)mansion to (G)mansion And (C)all the (D)sights I (G)saw That’s when I (C)said I want to see (G)Jesus For He's the one who (D)died for (G)all Chorus (G)Then I (C)bowed on my knees and cried (G)holy, (D)holy, (G)holy I (C)clapped my hands and sang (G)glory (D)Glory to the Son of (G)God Then as I entered the gates of the city All my loved ones they knew me well They took me down the streets of Heaven And all the saints they were too many to tell Then I saw Abraham, saw Jacob and Isaac I talked with Mark Sat down with Timothy But I said Timothy, I want to see Jesus For he's the one who died for me

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