I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Calv'ry Lyrics & Chords

By Gaither Vocal Band

(D)There are (G)things as we (C)travel this (G)earth's shifting sands
That tran(D)scend all the reason of (G)man;
But the things that matter the (G)most in this world,
They can (D)never be held in our (G)hand.

I (G)be(C)lieve in a hill called Mount (G)Calv'ry
I be(Em)lieve what(Em)ever the (D)cost;
And when (G)time has sur-rendered and (C)earth is no (A)more,
I'll still (D)cling to that old rugged (G)cross.

(D)I believe (G)that the (C)Christ Who was (G)slain on the cross
Has the (D)power to change lives (G)today;
For He (C)changed me completely, a (G)new life is mine,
That is (D)why by the cross I (G)will stay.

(D)I believe (G)that this (C)life with its (G)great mysteries
Surely some(D)day will come to an (G)end;
But faith will (C)conquer the (G)darkness and death
And will (D)lead me at last to my (G)Friend.