I Believe He's Coming Back Lyrics & Chords

By The Goodman Family

(D)High upon a (G)moun(D)tain From where He ascended, An angel of the Lord declared that it would (A)be. He said (D)don’t stand there grieving, (A)For the (D)one that you see leaving, (G)In like (D)manner He’s (G)coming (D)back (A)for you and (D)me. Chorus (D)And I believe He’s coming (G)back like He (D)said. I believe the trumpet’s gonna sound so loud, one day it’ll wake the (A)dead. And in the (D)twinkling (G)of an (D)eye, He will split (G)the eastern (D)sky, (G)And I be(D)lieve He’s (G)coming (D)back just (A)like He (D)said I believe the time is nearing, That we’ll soon see His appearing; Though we don't know the hour, nor we don't know the day. When the saints of every nation will lose their gravitation, And in the middle of the air be caught away.

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