I Believe Lyrics & Chords

By Jimmy Fortune | Dailey & Vincent

(C)When I see the (F)sunrise in the (C)morning When I (Em)feel the (F)wind blow across my (G)face When I (C)hear the (F)sound of children (C)playing (F)I know its all (C)part of (G)Gods amazing (C)grace Chorus (C)And I be(Em)lieve that (F)there's a place called (C)Heaven And I be(Em)lieve in a (F)place called Calva(G)ry I (Am)believe in a (F)man his name is (C)Jesus (F)And I (C)believe that he (G)gave his life for (C)me I was there the day my Mama went to Heaven I held her hand as she closed her eyes to sleep I felt the power of ten thousand angels Take her soul away to be crowned at Jesus feet

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