I Am The Water Lyrics & Chords

By The Perrys

Verse 1 (G)Sir, but you have (D)nothing to (G)draw with He (C)heard the doubting (D)woman (G)say So (C)how do you (D)expect to reach this (G)water And quench my (D)thirst (G)today Chorus (D)He said (G)I (D)am the (G)water. (C)I am the (Am)light There's (C)no need to search for an(D)other All power of Heaven is (G)mine (D)He said (G)I (D)am your (G)maker. I am your only (C)chance to survive I (D)am the (G)water and (G)I will (D)never run (G)dry Verse 2 So many times I've lowered my bucket In to an old dark well of sin But it always hits the dry and dusty bottom Where He gently reminds me again Chorus He said I am the water. I am the light There's no need to search for another All power of Heaven is mine He said I am your maker. I am your only chance to survive I am the water and I will never run dry

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