Gloryland March Lyrics & Chords

By The Masters Family

(D)There is an army that is marching onto victory The Captain is a man from (A)Galilee They've all been saved and their souls set free By the blood of the man on (D)calvary. So won't you join in his army and be saved today Get on your knees and (G)pray Have please the wrong to right and (D)join in the fight So (E)get in the (A)glory land (D)march. Chorus (G)Glory hallelujah we are (D)marching on As we (A)sing this song and it (D)won't be long) (G)The man of Galilee will set us (D)everyone free So (E)get in the (A)glory land (D)march. Blessed is the army that will follow God Fighting for the kingdom as we onward trod Waiting for the morning when we leave the sod Do live and be forever in the presence of God. He will give us power over mend our sins We'll shout and enter in You'll hear the victory ring we'll find a Savior King So get in the glory land march.

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