Don't You Wanna Go Lyrics & Chords

By The Crabb Family

(G)There's a building program (Em)going on in (G)Heaven Construction carried out by God's own (Dm)hand Fifteen (G)hundred miles wide Mansions standing side by (Em)side The (G)streets are paved (Dm)gold throughout the (G)land (G)Now they say they'll be no dying in that city No sickness and no sorrow will be (Dm)known The (G)feeble will be young No division all is (Em)one (G)Eternal (Dm)celebrating going (G)on Chorus (G)Don't you wanna go with me to God's new (Dm)city? (G)Don't you wanna hear that heavenly choir (Dm)sing Don't you wanna (G)touch the nail scarred hands That brought this great salvation (Em)plan Can't you feel that (G)stirring in your (Dm)soul? Don't you wanna (G)go? You know I have many loved ones waiting over yonder How I long to see my precious father there All the saints will gather in Immortal bodies free from sin As we praise the Lamb of God who's joy we'll share Can't you feel that stirrin in your soul? Don't you wanna go? Don't you wanna go? Yes I wanna go Go Go Go Go Don't you wanna go? Oooooh

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