Don't Overlook Salvation Lyrics & Chords

By John Bava

(D)Heaven is a city, (G)built by jewels (D)round Its beauty is a splendor yet un(A)told If (D)you neglect salvation you'll (G)never enter (D)in You'll never ever (A)walk those streets of (D)gold (G)(D) Chorus (D)So don't overlook salvation, while (G)living here in (D)sin Someday it may be too late to (A)pray (D)Someday when you need Him, He (G)may not let you (D)in How awful if He (A)should turn you (D)away (G)(D) Sometimes we get discouraged, while we walk this weary way But Jesus said he'd every burden bear So take Him all your troubles, when it seems all hope is gone Just trust Him when you go to Him in prayer Jesus said be ready for you know not when the hour He may come at morning night or noon So keep your eyes upon Him and your soul filled with His power For you know He's surely coming soon

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