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Do You Know My Jesus Lyrics & Chords

By W.F. Lakey and V.B. Ellis

(G)Have you a heart that's (C)weary, (G)Tending a load of (D)care? (G)Are you a soul that's (C)seeking (G)Rest from the (D)burden you (G)bear? Chorus (G)Do you (D)know my (C)Je(G)sus? Do you (D)know my (C)frie(G)nd? Have you heard He (C)loves you, And (G)that He will (D)abide till the (G)end? Where is your heart, O pilgrim? What does your light reveal? Who hears your call for comfort When naught but sorrows you feel? Chorus Do you know my Jesus? Do you know my friend? Have you heard He loves you, And that He will abide till the end? Who knows your disappointments? Who hears each time you cry? Who understands your heartaches? Who dries the tears from your eyes?

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