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Do You Know Grace Lyrics & Chords

By Younce Brothers and Louie Blevins

I was down as low as a man could go had no strength on my own. Everything I worked for all my life, everything I loved was gone. The lowest valley of my life, I was flat on my face, but the great man of Jesus reached down and picked me up, oh yes, I know grace Chorus Do you know grace, amazing grace have you heard, how sweet the sound there are many dangers toils and snares we have already faced look where you came from and where you are, and I ask you, do you know grace When it comes time for Him to take His Bride to that ever green shore and he's choosing both you and I to live in that Land forever more when you've been here 10.000 years and you see me in that place you can ask me that question again, I'll say yes, I remember grace

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