Do They See Jesus In Me Lyrics & Chords

By Joy Williams

Verse 1 (C)Is the face that I see (F)in the mirror The (G)one I want others to (C)see Do I (Am)show in the way that I (F)walk in my life The (G)love that You've shown (C)me (Am)My heart's (G)desire is to be (F)like You In all that I do, all I (F)am Chorus Do they see (F)Jesus in (G)me (F)Do they (C)recognize Your (Am)face Do I com(F)municate Your (G)love and Your (C)grace (Am) Do I re(F)flect who You (G)are In the (Am)way I (G)choose to (F)be Do they see (G)Jesus in (C)me Verse 2 It's amazing that You'd ever use me But use me the way You will Help me to hold out a heart of compassionate grace A heart that You're spirit fills May I show forgiveness and mercy The same way you've shown it to me Chorus Do they see Jesus in me Do they recognize Your face Do I communicate Your love and Your grace Do I reflect who You are In the way I choose to be Do they see Jesus in me >Bridge Now (F)I want to show all the (G)world who You are The (C)reason I live and (Am)breathe So You'll be the One that (F)they see When they see (A)me

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