Different Kind Of Christmas Lyrics & Chords

By Mark Schultz

(G)Snow is falling Christmas (C)Eve (G)Lights are coming on up and (C)down the street (G)The sound of carols fills the (C)air (G)And people rushing home, families (C)everywhere (C)Putting candles in the (G)windows (D)Lights upon the (Em)tree But there's no (C)laughter in this (G)house Not like there (D)used to be There's just a (C)million little (G)memories That (D)remind me (Em)you're not here It's just a (C)different kind of (D)Christmas this (G)year (G)In the evening fires (C)glow (G)Dancing underneath the (C)mistletoe (G)A letter left from Santa (C)Claus (G)Won't be the same this year in this (C)house because There's one less place set at the (G)table (D)One less gift under the (Em)tree And a (C)brand new way to (G)take their place inside of (D)me I'm un(C)wrapping all these (G)memories (D)Fighting back the (Em)tears It's just a (C)different kind of (D)Christmas this (G)year There's (Em)voices in the driveway Families (D)right outside the door And we'll (G)try to make this Christmas like the (C)ones we've had before As we (C)gather round the table, I (D)see joy on every face And (Em)I realize what's still alive is the (C)legacy you (D)made It's time to put the (C)candles in the (G)windows, the (D)lights upon the (Em)tree It's time to (C)fill this house with (G)laughter like it (D)used to be Just (C)because you're up in (G)heaven, doesn't (D)mean you're not (Em)near It's just a (C)different kind of (D)Christmas (Em) (D) (C) It's just a (C)different kind of (D)Christmas this (G)year

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