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Didn't I Walk On The Water Lyrics & Chords

Jeremiah Yocom

(D)As I kneel in the darkness in the (Em)middle of the night
I’m (A)praying for assurance every(G)thing’s gonna be al(D)right.
(A)Lord I (D)see another battle (Em)out in front of me
I’m a(A)fraid I won’t be able and I’ll (G)go down in de(D)feat(A)

And He said, I (D)walked on the water and I (Em)calmed the raging sea
I (A)spoke to the wind, it (G)hushed and I gave you (D)peace
(A)Didn’t I (D)run to your rescue didn’t I (Em)hear you when you called
I (A)walked right beside you just (G)so you wouldn’t (D)fall
(A)Didn’t I (D)leave all of Heaven just to (Em)die for your sin
I (A)searched until I found you and I’d (G)do it all a(D)gain

(D)He said, do you remember (Em)where I brought you from
Just (A)take a look behind you (G)at how far you’ve (D)come
(A)And (D)everytime you asked me, didn’t (Em)I deliver you
So (A)why would you be thinking that I (G)wouldn’t see you (D)through(A)

Now she’s (D)talking to her father in a (Em)house that was once a home
She said my (A)bills are coming due Lord and six (G)days is not that (D)long
She (A)hears a (D)voice so still and low, It says I’ve (Em)moved like that before
And I’ll (A)do this little thing and I’ll (G)give you so much (D)more.

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