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Deeper Lyrics & Chords

By Meredith Andrews

Verse 1 (G)I have (Em)kicked up the dust and the dirt on the (C)narrow (G)road I have (Em)had to let go of some hurt to (C)hold on to (G)hope (Em)I’ve watched the sunset before the (C)promise (G)came I have (Em)waded through waters wide and (C)walked through the (G)flame And I can say Chorus (G)Every valley made me lift my eyes up (Em)Every burden only made me (C)stronger (G)Every sorrow only made Your joy go (Em)Deeper and deeper, deeper, and (C)deeper Verse 2 I will run like I’m out to win, and finish the race For every battle that’s sure to come I will be brave I’ve got my heart set on every word You say And no matter what lies ahead You’ll make a way And I will say Bridge (Em)Thrown down but not (C)defeated (G)I’m worn out but not giving up I’ve (Em)hit ground but even at rock (C)bottom (G)I’m just getting started, yea, I’m just getting started

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