These Are The Days of Elijah Lyrics & Chords

By Robin Mark

(G)These are the days of (D)Elijah
De(G)claring the(D)word of the (G)Lord.
And these are the days of Your (D)servant, Moses
(G)Righteousness(D)being (G)restored
Though (Bm)these are the days of great (Em)trials
Of (D)famine and (Am)darkness and(D)sword
Still (G)we are the voice in the desert (D)crying
(G)Prepare ye the(D)way of the (G)Lord!

behold He (G)comes, riding on the (D)clouds
Shining like the (G)sun, at the trumpet's(D)call
Lift your (G)voice, (it's) the year of (D)Jubilee
Out of Zion's (G)hill, sal(D)vation (G)comes

(G)These are the days of (D)Ezekiel
The dry (G)bones be(D)coming as (G)flesh
And these are the days of Your (D)servant, David
(G)Rebuilding the(D)temple of (G)praise.
And (Bm)these are the days of the (Em)harvest
The (D)fields are all (Am)white in the(D)world
And (G)we are the laborers that are in Your (D)vineyard
(G)Declaring the(D)Word of the (G)Lord

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