Dare To Stand Lyrics

Dare You To Move Lyrics & Chords

By Switchfoot

(G)Wel(C)come to the planet (G)Wel(C)come to existence (Am)Everyone's here (D)Everyone's here (G)Every(C)body's watching you now (G)Every(C)body waits for you now (Am)What happens next? (D)What happens next? Chorus (G)I dare you to move (D)I dare you to move (C)I dare you to lift Yourself up off by the (D)floor (G)I dare you to move (D)I dare you to move (C)Like today never happened (D)Today never happened before (Em)Wel(D)come (C)to the fallout (Em)Wel(D)come (C)to resistance (Am)The tension is here (D)The tension is here (Em)Be(D)tween (C)who you are And who you could be (Am)Between how it is And how it should be (D)yeah (G)Maybe redemption has stories to (C)tell (G)Maybe forgiveness is right where you (C)fell (Em)Where can you run to escape from your(C)self? (Am)Where you gonna go? (D)Where you gonna go? (G)Salvation is here

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