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Crucified With Christ Lyrics & Chords

Phillips, Craig & Dean | By David Allen Clark, Donald A. Koch

Verse 1 (C)As I look back On (G)what I thought (D)was living (B)I'm (Em)amazed at the (G)price I choose (C)to (G)pay And to (C)think I (G)ignored What (C)really mattered 'Cause I (B)thought the sacrifice Would be too (D)great But when I (C)finally reached The (G)point of giving (C)in (G) I (C)found the cross Was (G)calling even (D)then And (F)even though It took dying to (Em)survive I've never (G)felt so much (D)alive Chorus (G)For I am (Am)crucified with (G)Christ and (Em)yet I (C)live Not I but (Am)Christ that lives with(D)in (C)me (G)His Cross will (Am)never ask for (G)more than (Em)I can give For it's not my (A)strength but His there's no (C)greater sacri(G)fice (Am) (G)For (C)I am (G)crucified with (D)Christ and yet (G)I live Verse 2 As I hear the Savior Call for daily dying I will bow beneath The weight of Calvary Let my hands surrender To His piercing purposes That holds me to the cross Yet sets me free I will glory in the power of the cross The things I thought were gain, I count as loss And with His suffering I identify And by His resurrection power, I am alive Bridge (D)And I will offer all I (C)have So that His (G)cross is not in (D)vain For I found to live is (C)Christ (G)And to die is (D)truly (E)gain

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