The Cowboy's Dream Lyrics & Chords

By D.J. O'Malley

(D)Last night as (G)I lay on the (D)prairie And looked at the (E)stars in the (A)sky, (D)I wondered if (G)ever a (D)cowboy Would (G)drift to that (A)sweet by and (D)by. Chorus Roll on,(G) (E)Roll on, (A)Roll on, little dogies, Roll (D)on, Roll on, (A)Roll (D)on, (G)Roll (E)on, (A)Roll on, little dogies, Roll (D)on, The road to the broad happy region Is a dim narrow trail so they say; But the bright one that leads to perdition Is posted and blazed all the way. They say there will be a great round-up, And cowboys, like dogies will stand, To be marked by the riders of judgment Who are posted and know every brand. And I'm scared that I'll be a stray yearling A maverick unbranded on high; And get cut in the bunch with the "rusties" When the Boss of the riders goes by. For they tell of another big owner Who's ne'er overstocked, so they say, But who always makes room for the sinner Who drifts from the straight narrow way. They say He will never forget you That He knows every action and look; So, for safety, you'd better get branded Have your name in the great Tally book.

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