I Could Never Praise Him Enough Lyrics & Chords

By The Collingsworth Family

Chorus (D)I could never praise Him enough For the (G)cross of Calva(A)ry I could never (G)thank Him (A)enough For sal(G)vation full and (D)free I could never (Bm)do anything To (G)deserve such perfect (A)love Oh for everything He's (D)done I could never (G)praise (A)Him (D)enough Verse 1 (D)For many years I've (Bm)served the Lord The (G)best that I know how (D)Giving (A)unto Him my time And (G)telling of His (A)power But (D)if I were to spend (Bm)Unending (G)hours on my knees (A)Praising Him for everything He's (G)ever done for (A)me Chorus I could never praise Him enough For the cross of Calvary I could never thank Him enough For salvation full and free I could never do anything To deserve such perfect love Oh for everything He's done I could never praise Him enough Verse 2 A thousand tongues could never tell Just what the Lord has done As if He hadn't done enough He sent His only Son To hang upon a rugged cross And bear the load of sin That explains why I can't express The love I have for Him

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