Lord Could I Come Back Home Tonight Lyrics & Chords

By White River

Verse 1 (C)It sure is cold here in (F)my heart (C)tonight I feel like i've been figthing in an ongoing (G)fight I'm tired of being (C)lonely, (F)tired of being (C)sad I've been running from the best thing I've (G)ever (C)had Chours (C)Lord could I (F)come back home (C)tonight I want to leave the (F)darkness, start (C)walking in the (G)light Just (C)put Your arms (F)around me and (C)hold me o so (F)tight (C)Lord could I (G)come back home (C)tonight Verse 2 If you play the game child, you pay the toll The stakes are high now, you're gambling with your soul. I've wasted so many years, It's been an uphill fight But I got to get home now, while there is still time Chours Lord could I come back home tonight I want to leave the darkness, start walking in the light Just put Your arms around me and hold me o so tight Lord could I come back home tonight

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