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Come Sweet Jesus Lyrics & Chords

By Dallas Holm

Verse 1 (C)Lord, You've made me happy And, (Dm)Lord, You've been so good. (G)Oh, you turned my life around When I (F#)didn't think You (C)could; And now I (Dm)love this life of mine, I love each passing day, (G)But with every breath I take In(Dm)side my (G)heart I (C)say Chorus (C)Come, sweet Jesus; (Dm)take me from this place, I (G)really don't belong here now I (Em)wanna (C)see your (F#)face. (C)Come, sweet Jesus; (Dm)come take me away, I (G)really wanna see you Lord. (Dm)Jesus (G)come to(C)day. Verse 2 Lord, we are Your people Preparing now to be Your bride, pure and holy For all the world to see. Come in clouds of angels Take us all away To the place that you've prepared- Never ending day. Chorus Come, sweet Jesus; take me from this place, I really don't belong here now I wanna see your face. Come, sweet Jesus; come take me away, I really wanna see you Lord. Jesus come today.

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