Come Back To Me Lyrics & Chords

By Dailey & Vincent

Verse 1 (G)I was once a (D)wayward (Em)child (G) Thought i had all the (C)answers (G)Foolish heart and (D)foolish (Em)dreams (G) The world was my (D)master (G)I found myself a (D)broken (Em)man (G) In need of love and com(C)passion (G)And the words of my father came (D)back to (G)me Chorus (G)Come back to (D)me my (Em)child For my (G)arms are open wide Come back to (D)me and (Em)rest in my (C)love I'll (G)never (D)turn (Em)away no matter (G)how lost you may be You can always come (D)back to (G)me. Verse 2 As i made my way back home I couldn't help but wonder Would he even know my name Would he still keep his promise Ashamed of everything i've done Would he ever forgive me And the words of my father Came back to me Bridge (D)And i (Em)stood on that hill, I (D)looked at my home (G)Tears filled my eyes and i (C)felt so alone Then (Em)I saw my father come (D)running to me. His (G)arms stretched out I fell on my knees Oh i fell on my knees

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